Volunteer CORI and Code of Ministerial Behavior Documents

Protecting Our Most Vulnerable
Providing a Safe Environment



Acceptable Forms of Verification 

Providing  a safe environment for our children, youth, elderly and the disabled is of top importance to Christ by the Sea Collaborative.   We will ensure we are protecting our most vulnerable in three ways:

  1. Annual CORI Screenings
  2. Annual confirmations of our Code of Ministerial Behavior
  3. Attending VIRTUS Training every 5 years

1.  Background screening is a tool the Church uses to secure the safety of our children, youth, elderly and the disabled.  Carrying out background checks on those who minister to our most vulnerable populations enables us to live up to our commitment and responsibility to provide a safe environment for those we serve.  The Archdiocese requires a Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) check for all full-time and part-time paid staff members, all clergy, and all volunteers (17 years and older) who minister to or have the potential for unmonitored access to children, youth, elderly and the disabled once a conditional offer of employment or assignment has been extended. Although a disqualification is possible, in accordance with federal and state laws, a previous conviction does not automatically disqualify an applicant from consideration for employment.

2.  The Archdiocese is also requiring all Religious Order clergy, educators, volunteers, and parish staff read, acknowledge and agree to a Code of Conduct, or a Code of Ministerial Behavior. We will reconfirm our commitment to this Code each year when we complete CORI forms.

3.  All clergy, Parish Staff, and volunteers who minister, work or serve in any capacity involving contact with children under the  age of eighteen (18) must complete the prevention and educating programs mandated by the Archdiocese of Boston (Virtus/Protecting God’s Children).Due to COVID-19 restrictions, PGC training will be offered on line at www.virtusonline.org.  Create an account and complete at your own pace.

No person will be permitted to minister, work, volunteer or serve at Christ by the Sea Collaborative in positions that require direct contact with children without having completed the mandated prevention and education programs and appropriate training.

Who must complete the CORI, agree to the Code of Ministerial Behavior and attend VIRTUS Training?  Clergy, staff, and ALL volunteers.