Religious Policies

In order to insure quality Religious Education Programs as well as providing a safe, nurturing, and faith-filled environment for all our students while in our care, both parent/guardian and children should read the following procedures and policies. 

Mass Attendance:  An integral part of our children’s faith formation is participation in Sunday Liturgy.  While attending classes is important for the practical knowledge that is learned, faith should also be experienced.  To be part of the parish family, to worship together each Sunday is to be part of faith in action.  We expect that you will give your child both experiences – classroom and Church – so that he/she will be encouraged to practice and live his/her faith. 

Registration: For new families or children entering first grade, a registration form must completed prior to starting classes.  Registration is ongoing at the parish office during regular office hours.  For those with other children in the program, we do ask that a registration form be filled out when the child begins grade 1.  We will then add the child to your family list. 

For all other students, we assume that the children will be moving up a grade level each year and we automatically move them.  We will send a bill in August that will include the names and grade levels of the children for whom you are being billed.  Also, we ask that any changes in information be reported to the office so our records remain accurate. 

Family Concerns:  If there is a severe illness or death in the family, please notify the Religious Ed Office.  Should you need support, we would like to be present to you and your child in difficult times.   We will also notify your child’s teacher. 

Medical Concerns:  If your child has any allergies, special medications, or special needs, please inform the teacher. While we always try to make accommodations for our families, we cannot be responsible for dispensing medications and children should not be bringing any medications to class.   Also, if your child has any learning disabilities we would like to provide whatever accommodations would assist your child in having a good experience in the program.    

Attendance:  If you know your child will be absent, please call the teacher and let her/him know.   It is important that we know where the children are . . . so please don’t leave a teacher feeling uneasy about a child not showing up for class.  If a child in grades 1 – 8 is absent more than five times (this equals 20% of class time), then the Administrator will contact the parent to request a meeting to discuss the situation.  

Arrival and Departure: Parents are expected to drop off and pick up their children on time.  The volunteer teachers spend time preparing their lessons and it is important that they have enough time to present them.  Students arriving late can disrupt the schedule.  Also, the teacher may have plans of her own after class, so a prompt pick-up is expected.  We also would appreciate that parents of young children in grades 1-5 come into the building to pick up their child.  Safety is our number one priority. 

For students on Saturday morning, class begins promptly at 9:00 a.m. so arrival should be no later than 8:55 a.m.   Dismissal is at 10:00 a.m. 

Class Cancellation:  If the Hull Public School does not have school, then there is no Religious Education.  If the public school has a half-day, however, there will be regularly scheduled classes.  If a teacher needs to cancel a class for personal reasons, he/she will call all students as well as the Religious Ed Office.  For Saturday classes, the Administrator will make the decision during inclement weather and will call all teachers as well as to leave a recording on the office phone (781-925-5446).  Teachers will then inform their students if class has been cancelled. 

Behavior & Discipline:  Pupils are expected to arrive on time, ready to work cooperatively, and to act in an appropriate and respectful manner to their teachers as well as fellow students.  The teacher will bring any incident of misconduct to the attention of the Administrator.  If a second problem arises, the Administrator will attend the class, observe the behavior and speak with the student and teacher.  A third offense will result in parental notification and a meeting with the Administrator.  Any further offenses will result in the removal of the student from the class and the parents will be responsible for finishing the education for the year.  

Child Abuse and Neglect:  As now mandated by Massachusetts state law, employees of St. Mary of the Assumption Parish are mandated reporters for child abuse and neglect.  If a child makes a statement about abuse or neglect or shows visible signs of abuse or neglect the Administrator of Religious Ed, after consultation with the pastor, will call the local office of the Department of Social Services and report the incident.  The phone call will be followed up by written report sent to the same office of the Department of Social Services.  Also, if a teacher reports to the Administrator knowledge of abuse or neglect in regard to a student, the Administrator will, again, be responsible for reporting this to the Department of Social Services. 

Communication:  Throughout the year, you the parent/guardian will receive mailings from the Office of Religious Ed.  Information about schedules, special events, and supplemental materials for families during the different seasons will be included.  We are here to serve the religious education needs of our children, youth and adults.  If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions feel free to share them with us – either in the office or with your child’s teacher.