In order to provide the best possible religious education program for your child, the following is a list of the expectations of all involved: 

A.    Parents:
1.  Ensure the child attends all classes.
2.  Communicate any special needs or circumstances  that may affect their child within the classroom.
3.  Be an active part of their child(ren)’s learning and  be involved in the classroom at the catechist’s request. 

B.    Students:
1.  Behave in a Christian manner at all times showing respect and being cooperative with adults and students.
2.  Actively participate in classroom activities and  discussions.
3.  Attend class regularly.
4.  Follow the rules of the classroom as discussed by teacher and student. 

C.    Catechists:
1.  Provide a loving, Christian atmosphere within the learning environment so that children will be able
to grow in their faith.
2.  Prepare and teach designated curriculum.
3.  Be a good role-model.
4.  Communicate regularly and involve parents in the faith formation of their children.

D.    Staff:
1.  Provide guidance and training for catechists.
2.  Communicate regularly with families.
3.  Be a resource for families for faith formation.
4.  Offer opportunities for families to gather for  activities that are parish based.

As previously stated, the Office of Religious Education is open to all.  If something is upsetting or bothers you, please tell us.  We can only help if we know what the problem is.  On the other hand, if you enjoy something or are pleased with something, let us know that as well, too.   Communication is the key to success.