2016/17 Confirmation Prep Calendar

There are two groups for Confirmation Preparation and we identify them as Year 1 and Year 2.  Year 1 students will be attending the program for the first time.  Year 2 students attended last year.  The time for meetings unless otherwise noted is 11:30AM – 5:30pm (or the end of the 4:30 Mass).  If students are doing service work there may be time differences based on the need of the service site but you will be notified in advance of any time changes.  However, all students will be expected to attend the 4:30pm Mass despite service times.

October 15th:    Opening Mass @ 4:30pm at St. Ann Church followed by parent and student meeting
(All students attend)

October 29:       Year 2 students
November 12:    Year 1 students

December 4th:    Reconciliation Service @ 6:30pm at St Ann Church  (All students attend)
                            Year 2 students have option to also participate in Annual Bread Bake

January 7:           Year 2
January 21:         Year 1

February 4:         Year 2
February 18:       Year 1

March 11:            Year 2
March 25:            Year 1

April 1:                 Year 2
April 8:                 Year 1

April 9:                 Tennebrae Service @ 7pm St. Ann Church (All students attend)
This service is held on Palm Sunday evening and it involves prayer, reflection on the seven last words of Christ, and a re-enactment of his crucifixion.  It takes less than 1 hour but is one of the most powerful experiences of Christ’s death.  It is an amazing way to enter Holy Week.  Year 2 students are the presenters of this evening.

May 6:                  Closing Mass @ 4:30 at St. Ann Church  (All students attend)


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